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1982.4 The predecessor of Hebei Lunuo Food Co., Ltd. was established in Shijiazhuang Foreign Trade Canned Food Factory;

During the period from 1982 to 2010, the products were exported to more than 10 countries including the United States, Germany and Japan, and were deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad.

2010.7.20 Hebei Lunuo Food Co., Ltd. was established;

2011.3 won the New Leader Award of China Food Expo;

2011.3 The high-end original squeezed Sydney juice brand ¡°Pear Factory¡± was listed;

2011.4 Joining the ¡°Railway Health Line¡± of the Shijiazhuang Passenger Transport Section of the Railway to raise the pear juice boom in the country;

2011.5 Sponsor of the ¡°Luohe Food Expo¡± Marketing Forum;

2011.5 China Unicom and Hebei Lunuo jointly sponsored ¡°Xue Zhiqian Concert¡±;

2011.6.4 Beijing ¡°respect for the elderly and love children¡± public welfare activities kicked off;

2011.7.18 Cooperated with Unicom Shijiazhuang Branch to hold the second "Pingal World" Table Tennis Competition;

2011.8.8 Become the designated drink of ¡°Hebei Old Age Development Foundation¡±;

2012.5 Won the ¡°Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization in Shijiazhuang City¡±

2012.6 Won the ¡°Hebei Province Linguo Key Leading Enterprise¡±

2012.9.11 Annual production of 30,000 tons of concentrated juice project put into operation

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